The Team

The core team members of the DCIP are involved in monthly meetings to discuss all patients being considered for implantation. This internationally accepted practice is to ensure quality of care by combining knowledge; skills and expertise in a multi-disciplinary environment to ensure objective evaluation of implant candidacy and patient expectation.

Each prospective and if appropriate, previously implanted patient’s medical history, audiological assessment and radiological evaluation is discussed and suggestions are made regarding implant and electrode choice, method and timing of surgery and post-operative rehabilitation and therapy. All patient information is treated as strictly confidential.

The Core DCIP team

Dr Kara Hoffman

Dr Hoffman is an audiologist in practice at Thompson and Hoffman Audiology Inc. as well as the Audiology Centre of Excellence - ACE. She has extensive experience in paediatric hearing assessment and aural rehabilitation.,

Dr W Zieciak

Dr Wojciech Zieciak is an honorary member of the DCIP having served as an active implanting surgeon and otologist for a number of years before retiring at a young age

Julie Cardona

Julie Cardona is the current co-ordinator of the DCIP and an audiologist and speech and language therapist at Julie Cardona and Associates in Hillcrest as well as the Audiology Centre of Excellence (ACE). Julie has extensive experience in complex hearing assessments and aural rehabilitation.,

The DCIP Extended Family

The Durban Cochlear Implant Program is by definition a collaborative effort by professionals of various disciplines to ensure comprehensive and wholistic treatment advice to our patients and their families. Here are just some of these supporting and contributing professionals:

Mrs Tersia Foxcroft

Livingstone School
SACIG member

Dr Salesh Srikewal

ENT and implanting surgeon - Entabeni Hospital
SACIG member

Dr Amith Keshave

Paediatric neurologist
SACIG member

Dr Garth Skinner

ENT and implanting surgeon - Entabeni Hospital
SACIG member

Mrs Sabrina Hind

Speech and Language Therapist
SACIG member

Ayesha Osman

Audiologist Fulton School
SACIG Member