We encourage all prospective patients and their families to do their own research regarding the choice of implant they would prefer.

While the Internet has made this process much easier, it can also be quite daunting and confusing when trying to compare products and their indications and so patients and professionals alike are encouraged to contact one of the DCIP team members for more specific information.

All 3 of the major cochlear implant companies have shown similar clinical outcomes and proven safety and reliability records. Here is a list of some of the highlights from each of the companies involved but please feel free to follow the links to their individual websites.



Visitwww.cochlear.com/uk/africa or www.southernear.com

Cochlear Implants

  • Smallest sound processor on the market
  • Nucleus® 6 processor has SmartSound iQ – an automatic scene classifier for different listening environments.
  • The new wireless accessories mean you are now able to connect directly to your phone clip, mini-microphone or TV streamer and the processor directly without the need for an intermediary device
  • Water repellent nano-coating perfect for humid weather and the new aqua+ accessory means you are able to swim and stay connected to your environment at the same time.
  • A wide range of electrode choices including the world’s thinnest ‘slim straight’ electrode for hearing preservation surgery or EAS (please see under general info)
  • Excellent local product knowledge and support

Bone anchored hearing aid (Baha®)


  • Award winning design
  • Baha® attract system now allows for intact-skin options
  • The new Baha 5® sound processor allows you to connect wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or any of the wireless accessories.



Visit www.medel.com

  • Medel’s synchrony implant allows for 3T MRI compatibility as its magnet can freely rotate and align itself within the magnetic field
  • The Sonnet behind the ear processor for conventional and AES
  • The Rondo single unit processor with no separate cables or coils
  • Water resistant and waterproof WaterWear accessories
  • A range of electrodes of varying length for a better cochlear fit
  • Hearing preservation or EAS principles for all electrodes and surgery
  • Triformance is the combination of 3 unique MED-EL technologies that work together to enable you to reach your fullest hearing potential
    • Structure preservation with slim, flexible electrodes
    • Complete cochlear coverage
    • FineHearingTM processing gives you a richer perception of sound by delivering deep bass tones

Middle ear implants

  • Award winning Samba processor design
  • MRI compatible up to 1.5T
  • SOUNDBRIDGE only middle ear implant with single-point contact
  • Options of round window or ossicular attachment for use even in radical cavities following mastoidectomy
  • Wireless connectivity (with Siemens)
  • Lightweight, discreet and comfortable

Bone conduction implant

  • Award winning Samba processor design
  • MRI compatible up to 1.5T
  • BONEBRIDGE world’s first active bone conduction implant
  • Intact skin – no irritation
  • Wireless connectivity (with Siemens)
  • Lightweight, discreet and comfortable

Advanced Bionics



Unique relationship with Phonak means hearing aid technology can now be brought across platforms allowing better communication between devices

The Advanced Bionics cochlear implant systems are only distributed through The Ear Institute in South Africa with branches in Pretoria and Cape Town. The DCIP currently does not offer device, assessments, mapping or product support for Advanced Bionics but please contact The Ear Institute in Pretoria directly should you wish to know more.