Gears for Ears fundraiser a resounding success!!
27 October 2015, Tuesday

The annual Gears for Ears cycle challenge was a wonderful success. Thanks to the inspirational founder of Gears for Ears, Alan Hook and his team of hard-working individuals the race was professionally organized and a …

Bloemfontein Cochlear Implant Masterclass and Temporal bone Course
27 October 2015, Tuesday

Dr Y Saman and K Schlemmer attended the masterclass for CI surgeons in Bloemfontein on the 7th of October kindly hosted by Cochlear Ltd. Training was led by Egwin van den Heuvel (Lead trainer for …

4th Cochlear Implant and Advanced Temporal Bone Course
24 September 2015, Thursday

Dr Zieciak and Dr Schlemmer attended the 4th Cochlear Implant and Advanced Temporal Bone Dissection Course in Pretoria where they were treated to teaching from a world renowned international and national faculty. Visit the course …

The DCIP attends the 12th ESPCI in Toulouse
18 February 2015, Wednesday

The 12th European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implantation was held in June in Toulouse and the DCIP was represented by Dr K Schlemmer. We continue to strive to bring the world’s best back to our …

Guest surgeons
16 February 2015, Monday

Dr Rupert Obholzer – Lead Skull Base Surgeon Guys Hospital London UK Durban performing a cochlear implant at Entabeni Hospital.